Pathogen Genome Cluster Computing

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©2005, photo by Anne Koerber, LSHTM.

Hardware setup was done by Dorothy Wright (, Head of ITD computing, and Phil Wheadon (

Software setup was done by Michael Gaunt ( who is pictured together with a giant mosquito.

Michael Gaunt is the current cluster administrator, web site author and has a strong research focus on pathogen phylogenomics, particularly trypanosomatid recombination.


We particularly thank Brendan Wren for supporting the project.

The smooth running of the machine can be traced to both James Endersby for rapidly installing effective air conditioning and relevant electrical modification and Sheena Wakefield for managerial oversight and housing.

We are extremely grateful for the technical abilities of Peter Bates and Phil Rogers (LSHTM), as well as the authors of the Bioteam iNquiry software suite, viz. Stan, Chris and Bill.

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